A Look into the Life of Matthew Autterson

Mr. Mathew Autterson graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance from the Michigan State University in the year 1980. He proceeded to the University of Denver under the Graduate Tax Program before beginning his career at the First Trust Corporation, which is one of the subsidiaries of the Fiserv Company. He would leave First Trust Corporation after two years in 1982 to join a team that chartered a Trust Company which had been chartered in Colorado but was a subsidiary Integrated Resources Inc., which was itself a financial services company based in New York. He would go on to sit at the helm of Resources Trust Company four years later in 1986 when he became the company’s president. Three years later in 1989, the company over which he presided, Resources Trust Company, along with other assets which have been subsidiaries of Integrated Resources Inc. was acquired by a corporation known as Broad Inc. Broad Inc. would later metamorphose into SunAmerica which then be purchased by AIG for $18 billion in 1998.

Resources Trust Company would later be acquired from AIG by Fiserv in May of 2001. During Matthew Autterson’s tenure as president in the years before it was sold, Resources Trust Company Inc. had grown to become among the largest stet-chartered trust companies in the United States. It provided its services to a client base that ranged at around 200,000 customers and above, which earned the company over 15,000 independent and registered financial advisors from around the country. It held over 20 billion dollars in custodian assets and well over 1 billion dollars in deposits. The Resources Trust Company had grown to become a major employer in the American economy, employing well over 700 people at every given time by the time that the sale was completed.

Mr. Autterson recently took up a position in the Falci Adaptive Biosystems Board of Directors as a board member. His taking up this post has been viewed as a move meant to represent his current philanthropic activities, in line with his social standing as a respectable and charitable member of the Colorado business community. He has previously held different positions Denver Zoological Foundation, the Webb-Waring Foundation and the Denver Hospice’s board of directors. He has also been a member of the Young Presidents Organization and later of the World Presidents Organization.

Matthew Autterson has led a largely successful life and has been active in charitable and philanthropical activities in his effort to give back to society.