Investment Approach Gains Highland Capital Management Credit Market Advantage

Highland Capital Management operates as a distressed credit and asset managing firm. The investment approach by the firm is strategically structured to produce consistent and profitable yield returns by using core principles of investing while maintaining proven techniques for capital preservation. For over 20 years, Highland Capital Management has used a top-down risk management process, and as a result, the firm continues to perform beyond investor expectations.

Highland Capital Management was Co-Founded by Mark Okada and James Dondero, both of whom have over 60 years investment experience between them. The firm operates with well-over $30 billion in Collateralized Loan Obligations (CLO), making it the largest firm to manage CLO’s throughout the entire world. When the firm was first founded, many of those within the credit market were unfamiliar with the investment strategy; however, since Highland Capital Management has achieved great success, the industry now includes thousands of firms within the CLO market.

Mark currently serves as the Chief Investment Officer and oversees the majority of the firm’s investment portfolios and activities relating to framing the strategies of those investments. With his 30 years of experience within the alternative credit market, Mark is considered to be somewhat of a pioneer. He’s widely respected in the investment industry for his expertise in managing bank loans as a lucrative asset class that has amounted to a trillion dollar value within the credit market.

President James Dondero, has an extensive background in the credit market that goes back over three decades. As one of the Executive leaders of the firm, he is directly responsible for the firm’s equity strategies as well as the retail and institutional portfolios for Highland Capital Management. He is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). James is also credited with being one of the innovators who initialized the investment strategy for using CLO’s as an asset class for investors.

Highland Capital Management headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, but the firm has offices all around the globe in New York, Sao Paolo, Brazil, Singapore and Seoul. The firm has over $18 billion in managing assets.