Is Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Ready to Take on Amazon?

Amazon doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to their dominance in the online clothing market. They are taking in about 20 percent of the sales in this space, and the thousands of other clothing retailers have to settle on the rest. That may be fine for the majority of clothing companies, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is not going to simply sit back and do nothing because the battle appears to be over. This company is making huge strides for that top spot, and $250 million in sales over the last few years should be an indication Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is on to bigger things.


Pay attention to when Hudson talks about the success of her athleisure brand, you might be surprised at her answer. She does not credit the success to her celebrity name, low prices on active-wear, or the high-quality merchandise she sells, she says a unique blending of reverse showrooming and membership perks are the reason the company has grown so fast in so little time. To see these two in action, we only need to visit the Fabletics store at the mall to see. Here you find women all over the store, trying on just about everything on the racks or taking part in the Fabletics lifestyle quiz.


How does that translate into $250 million in sales of workout apparel? The answer is quite revealing, and it all takes place in the Fabletics e-commerce store. This is where the women who were trying everything on inside the store at the mall will discover all those pieces have been uploaded to their member accounts. Now what happens from here is these ladies do not have to worry about size anymore, so they wind up searching the vast online inventory for the latest in leggings, tan tops, or yoga pant, and stuff the cart with more than they would have otherwise.


Add into the mix other Fablectics membership perks like a free shopping assistant, free shipping for online orders, and discounts for all the clothing, and you begin to see why this company is making such huge strides towards the top of the apparel market. Your shopping assistant will even look over quiz answers to help choose one item a month for your consideration, all part of the non-stop pampering. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found a way to really connect with frustrated Amazon customers who want to feel like they are being treated like valued loyal customers.