Parents’ involvement in school activities which affect their children matters a lot. More often than not schools organize parent-teacher meetings to discuss the progress of their kids at school. Rocketship Education, a non-profit organization of public charter schools, has gone an extra mile by involving parents in teachers’ recruitment. A group of parents and educators are chosen and trained on how to interview the new teachers. This ensures that the teachers hired have passed both the parents’ and educators’ satisfaction hence providing quality education in the public schools.

Rocketship Education was founded with the aim of improving the lives of low-income students in the environs where access to quality education was a problem. The first school was established in 2007 in San Jose. Rocketship schools offer free education from kindergarten to fifth grade. However, some schools are also providing pre-kindergarten classes. The schools have an open enrollment hence any student can join the schools. The application is free, and once the form is complete, it is assessed to ensure that the child is eligible to become a Rocketeer.

Improving students’ achievement in low performing schools requires a unique and special approach. Rocketship Education has incorporated three core pillars that have ensured their success in improving students’ performance. One, the foundation acknowledges that every child has a unique set of needs. Rocketship ensures that they meet these requirements by using traditional instruction, tutoring, and technology. Second, parents are engaged in eliminating the achievement gap. The non-profit network develops parent leaders to become active role models to their children. Last but not least, Rocketship has invested heavily in training teachers and leaders to be of significant influence to the students and the community as a whole.

Moreover, each Rocketship school has five core values of which four are shared across the network; persistence, respect, empathy, and responsibility. Students at the schools recite these values in their creed every day and are encouraged to live by them at school and in their homes. The fifth core value is the responsibility of the parents to mold their children to have that unique character which can be bravery or even visionary. Rocketship Education has successfully ensured that low-income parents are part and parcel of their children growth and success in acquiring quality education.