They Can’t Eat You an Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success

When we set out on our journey into life, there are a lot of stories that we are told by people about the path that we need to take. The new book by Marc Sparks, They Can’t Eat You reveals that much of what we are taught about our goals are not necessarily accurate for all people. In his case, he was a student who was totally average. Learn more:  Marc Sparks – AngelList and What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From A Presentation

He had earned a C average and most people didn’t see his future as one that would be full of prospects. However, Sparks learned some valuable lessons which allowed him to create and run a long string of valuable and profitable businesses.

In this book Marc Sparks provides his own kind of road map for future entrepreneurs to take. He believes that the path to successful business is not the one that most people believe. He offers his readers his “Fifty Sparks” which are short guiding ideas which will allow a person to create their very own success project.

He doesn’t believe that a person needs to go to college to be successful, they need to seek their passion and virtually anyone can lay down the foundation for success and build a successful enterprise.

According to Citrite and Crunchbase, Marc Sparks also sees a lot of similarities between endeavors that have been successful and these are the ideas he feels are vital. He truly believes in the value of the people and places that a business is surrounded by will influence the outcome.

They Can’t Eat You is the manifesto of a self describes serial entrepreneur who has taken the process of building a business venture and fine tuned it into a step by step process. He had to learn all of these things through the hard lessons of experience –

Sparks has been the driving force behind over 60 different startup companies in his career. Currently he is a part of six companies and is always looking to add more opportunities each year. This book is a tremendously insightful guide for all blossoming entrepreneurs to encourage new industry and allow for more people to experience success in business.

Through his company Timber Creek Capital, located in Dallas, Texas, Sparks has developed a proving ground for businesses. He provides the entire infrastructure a business will need from office spaces to great resources and these new ventures are allowed to gain traction in their markets. He is able to house three different operations at once.

The idea is that it may take a bit of time for the business to incubate into a profitable venture but with the right support, all businesses can thrive. One thing is certain that by reading this book, all people who are looking to start their dream, will have a guide to get them where they want to go.